Home Builders Care Foundation

The Maryland Center for Housing is a 10,000 sq. ft. two-story commercial building with office and meeting space.  Located in Maple Lawn, the building is owned by the Home Builders Care Foundation, the official charity of MBIA and rented exclusively to the Association. Valued at nearly $1.8 million, the Center was constructed largely in part with in-kind donations of materials and labor, as well as cash donations, from many generous industry members.    It was a remarkable achievement!  BUT a $400K loan was needed to complete the building in 2014.   This debt is impairing our foundation from productively meeting its mission.

When the building was developed, it was expected to be owned debt free; the rental income from MBIA to HBCF would then provide a stable,

long-term funding source to endow the Foundation and support its charitable activities for years to come. But alas, the mortgage on the Maryland Center for Housing has triggered unrelated business income taxes  and the loan’s balloon payment due date is in 2018.  

We need your help and have launched a 2017 MORTGAGE BURNING CAMPAIGN. Our goal is to pay off our debt and burn our mortgage on 11-30-17 at a special donor appreciation event.  Get invited! Help us Make it Burn!

A handful of naming rights are available and  the opportunity for lasting recognition at the Center will end this year.  The official Honor Roll Signage recognizing our building donors about $1,000 will be ordered and installed in our lobby by year-end.  But to be listed on this MCH Honor Roll for permanent display, we do need your pledge in 2017.  


Residential Title & Escrow Co.    $15000              Caruso Homes $15000

Timberlake Homes                      $15000              Pettit Family Charitable Foundation $15000

Southern Trust Mortgage               $7500                 Orchard Development $5000

Rachuba Family Foundation           $5000                 Howard Bank $5000

Morris Ritchie Assoc.                    $5000                 Harkins Builders $1000

Bob Ward Companies                    $1000

Only Nine Naming Right Opportunities Remain (as of 9/1/2017)


Help Us. Several Giving Levels With Recognition Benefits are available:

Payment plans available for top level gifts

Our Goal: Pay off our debt and burn our mortgage on 11-30-17

CUSTOMPAVERorder form_HBCF.pdf

$135k to go as of Sept 1, 2017.