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Each year, the Home Builders Care Foundation awards an individual or company for their outstanding contributions to the community through unselfish efforts and dedication in support of shelter-related projects. At MNCBIA's January dinner meeting, Home Builders Care presented the its Community Service Award to Ricky Diggs of the Gospel Rescue Ministries, Roger Lebbin, Mid-Atlantic Builders and Somerset Homes. During 2003, with the help of our three community service winners, the Home Builders Care Foundation was able to undertake and complete a number of extensive projects.

Our first winner, Ricky Diggs, had been enrolled in the Gospel Rescue Ministries' Transforming Lives Recovery Ministry Program for a little over a year. As part of his internship, Ricky is assigned to maintenance and facility management at the mission, working under Deputy Executive Director Don Melvin. The staff of Gospel Rescue feels blessed to have him at the mission. According to Mr. Melvin, Ricky has proven to be a very valuable guy and an excellent handyman - doing plumbing, carpentry and even some electrical work for the mission. The Home Builders Care Foundation is thankful for his presence as well.

Ricky's contributions to our recently completed renovation project at Gospel Rescue have been first rate. His skill and management assistance on the job has been invaluable not only to the foundation, but also to the many subcontractors helping with construction. Throughout the project, our largest to date in Washington DC, Ricky was responsible for working directly with over a one dozen different contractors, helping to facilitate their work and provide onsite day-to-day oversight and coordination assistance of the process.

The contributions of our second winner, Roger Lebbin, are sure to help Home Builders Care beyond 2003. Thanks to his personal efforts to increase the number of builder members to sign on as corporate partners of the 2003 Help the Homeless Walkathon, over $170,000 has been raised for our foundation - an truly awesome accomplishment.

2003 marked the 3rd year that the Home Builders Care Foundation has been selected as a beneficiary of the Walkathon, a fundraising and awareness building event sponsored by the Fannie Mae Foundation. Through the event, local nonprofit agencies that provide services to the homeless and near homeless are able to raise money for their programs. Money raised by Home Builders Care is used to leverage the in-kind assistance we are able to provide to shelter-related projects serving the homeless and at-risk individuals.

In its first two years with the Walk, Home Builders Care raised a combined total of $51,600. But in 2003, that figure more than tripled, thanks largely in part to Roger Lebbin. We are extremely grateful to him for his determination and leadership. His successes will certainly affect a number of shelter-related projects to come.

The project undertaken by our third winner, Somerset Homes, is a model of care and efficiency for the Home Builders Care Foundation. But the project - to renovate a Charles County group home, operated by United Cerebral Palsy of Southern Maryland - had its challenges.

The house needed an estimated $25,000 worth of repairs and its residents required around-the-clock care. So finding time to replace kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, carpeting throughout the house, and so much more - without imposing greatly on the lives of the residents - seemed like a daunting task. But thanks to Tom Allhoff and Billy Fabey of Somerset Homes, and the 30 or so local suppliers, subs, laborers and volunteers they recruited to help, the project went so well that it brought tears of joy to the director of United Cerebral Palsy.

In the end, the team from Somerset, led onsite by Billy Fabey, took fifteen (15) days worth of work and completed it in only three (3) days. Additional items were added as a bonus to the original scope of work - and everything was donated in-kind. Remarkable!

Congratulations and thank you to all our winners.

To learn more about getting involved with Home Builders Care, please contact Patti Kane, HBCF Director at 301-776-6212.

2003 Community Service Award Winners -

Mr. Ricky Diggs

Mr. Roger Lebbin

Somerset Homes