Home Builders Care Foundation

Each year, the Home Builders Care Foundation awards an individual or company for their outstanding contributions to the community through unselfish efforts and dedication in support of shelter-related projects.At MNCBIA's January 2005 dinner meeting, Home Builders Care presented the its Community Service Award to the following four outstanding building community members: Greg Lauer, Production Manager with Craftstar Homes, Lenny Martino, Customer Service Manager with Craftstar Homes, Metro Landscape and Construction and Steuart-Kret Homes. During 2004, with the help of our community service winners, the Home Builders Care Foundation was able to undertake and complete a number of extensive projects.

The first winner, Greg Lauer, was recognized by HBCF for his expert on-site coordination and supervision on the Mellwood House project in Upper Marlboro and for his preliminary work and commitment to the Angel's Watch Regional Shelter project in Southern Maryland, slated to begin construction in 2005.

The contributions of HBCF's second winner, Lenny Martino, have spanned the past few years. In 2003, Lenny served as House Captain for HBCF's adopted house project for Rebuilding Together Montgomery County as well as contributed greatly to the Gospel Rescue Ministries project later that year. In 2004, he played a lead role in the renovation of two group residences within the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes program.

Metro Landscape and Construction is the third winner named by HBCF. The company's significant in-kind contribution of all labor to install approximately 1000 feet of new wood six-foot fencing at Mellwood House played a major role in the project's success. The new fence, which runs along the perimeter of the facility's recreational area, will drastically improve the privacy and safety of the 100 women and children at the residential treatment center.

The fourth and final winner, Steuart-Kret Homes, is being recognized for its successful undertaking of an improvement project at a group home in LaPlata, operated by the Spring Dell Center. The residence, home to four disabled adults, was in need of a new handicapped accessible ramp as well as fencing to improve the safety of its residents. When asked to help with the project, Steuart-Kret provided and/or coordinated all the needed materials and labor to complete the project in a very timely manner.

The HBCF board of directors is extremely grateful to all of our 2004 supporters for their generous donations of time, talent, contributions and materials.

Congratulations and thank you to all our winners.

To learn more about getting involved with Home Builders Care, please contact Patti Kane, HBCF Director at 301-776–6212.

2004 Community Service Award Winners -

Greg Lauer, Craftstar Homes

Lenny Martino, Craftstar Homes

Metro Landscape and Construction

Steuart-Kret Homes