Home Builders Care Foundation

Each year, the Home Builders Care Foundation recognizes select individuals and companies for their significant contributions to the community through unselfish efforts and dedication in support of projects that help the poor and disadvantaged in our communities.

At MNCBIA's January dinner meeting, Home Builders Care presented its 2005 Community Service Awards to four outstanding building community members who have demonstrated first-hand that home builders care about giving back to our communities. Awards were presented in the following categories: The Community Builder Award - presented in recognition of a builder member who helps raise awareness of the industry's spirit of giving; The Directors Award – presented in recognition of leadership and advocacy for the mission and purpose of Home Builders Care; and the Tom Sawyer Award – presented in recognition of significant in-kind donations to HBCF’s shelter-related projects.

The Foundation’s first service award, the Community Builder Award, was presented to Tony Crane of Crane Homes and his family (wife Cindy and children, Jesse and Nick) for their inspiring tsunami relief mission to Thailand during the summer of 2005. As part of a team of hands-on volunteers with the local non-profit group Smile on Wings, the Crane family assisted the fishing village of Khao Lak in the Phang Nga Province of Thailand with the construction of shelters and wooden fishing boats that were once prevalent in the area. The Crane family’s participation inspired a number of MNCBIA members to contribute to the Tsunami Tool Fund, established to provide full sets of hand tools and fishing equipment and supplies for the village's communal use.

The Directors Award was presented to Elm Street Development. In 2005, the company was instrumental in helping launch HBC Utilities LLC, an HBCF subsidiary whose aim is to establish an endowment base to sustain the increased efforts of the Home Builders Care program for years to come. The new venture is off to an incredible start thanks to the vision of Elm Street President David Flanagan and the generosity and commitment of the company. Thanks to their leadership, HBC Utilities has secured its first commitments of front-foot benefit assessments for lots being developed in Maryland. Elm Street has led the way by committing 90 lots to the future of the program.

The first of two Tom Sawyer Awards was presented to Duron Paints and Wallcoverings for their in-kind assistance with the Transitional Housing Corporation's Partner Arms I renovation project in Washington DC. The project received a significant boost when the company stepped forward to donate all of the paint and materials needed to refresh the 14-unit apartment complex’s common areas and stairwells.

The second Tom Sawyer Award was presented to Fireside Hearth and Home for their support of our project at Angel's Watch Regional Shelter in Southern Maryland. The company initially approached Home Builders Care looking to for ways to their company could get involved in community service by helping with a shelter-related project. When told of the unique needs of Angels Watch, Fireside immediately committed to the Southern Maryland project. Their specific contribution helped pay for significant portions of the out-of-pocket costs on the project, including the installation of 25 new energy-efficient windows, which will help the 52-bed shelter save thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs annually.

The HBCF board of directors is extremely grateful to our community service award winners and all of our 2005 supporters for their generous donations of time, talent, contributions and materials. Congratulations and thank you.

2005 Community Service Award Winners -

Mr. Tony Crane and family

Duron Paints and Wallcoverings

Elm Street Development

Fireside Hearth and Home