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The Home Builders Care Foundation (HBCF), the 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Community Outreach Program affiliated with the Maryland National-Capital Building Industry Association (MNCBIA), announced its winners of the 2007 Community Service Awards at the association’s Janaury dinner meeting. The award is presented annually to individuals or companies in the local home building industry in recognition of significant contributions to the community through unselfish efforts and dedication in support of the foundation and its projects that help the poor and disadvantaged in our communities.

This year’s awards were presented in the following categories:

   * The Directors Award – presented in recognition of leadership and advocacy for the mission and purpose of Home Builders Care, and

   * the Tom Sawyer Award – presented in recognition of significant in-kind donations to HBCF’s shelter-related projects.

The awards were presented by HBCF’s 2008 President Ted Smart, Owner and President of Maryland Development Co LLC.

The Foundation’s first service award, the Directors Award was presented to K Bank. In 2007, the bank, led by Vice President Brett Egloff and an energized team from the Construction Permanent Division in Upper Marlboro, brought out the “fun” in fundraising by developing and implementing some unique activities to generate revenue and support for the Home Builders Care Foundation program. These activities included a two-part series of live Turtle Racing during March Madness and a Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament to coincide with MNCBIA’s annual fishing tournament. Proceeds from both activities were donated to HBCF.

Upon accepting the award, Mr. Egloff commented, “We support the mission of the Home Builders Care Foundation and recognize how important it is to give back to a cause that has such a wonderful impact on our communities. At K Bank, we will continue to do our part to keep raising that bar for the MNCBIA and HBCF.”

The Tom Sawyer Award was presented to Mr. Kem Snow of Ridan Builders for his dedication and commitment to personally oversee the extensive renovation project at the Dale Drive Apartments in Silver Spring. In his role as the on-site construction supervisor, Mr. Snow spent many days and weeks ensuring that all aspects of the project were duly addressed. The Dale Drive Apartments renovation, a collaborative effort with Montgomery County’s Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) and the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, was the largest construction project undertaken by HBCF in 2007.

“Kem jumped in with both feet on the Dale Drive project.” remarked Mr. Smart. “He did an outstanding job contracting and getting the work done in a way which best leveraged HBCF donated funds. He started with limited knowledge of the charitable nature of the project but as he learned more about the reason for the project –to provide permanent supportive housing to people working their way out of homelessness and meeting the people from HOC who where leading the project, he became more enthusiastic and was very happy and proud to be involved. Ridan Builders couldn’t have been the HBCF project team captain without him. He did most all the work.”

The cooperation and dedication of the 2007 Community Service Award Winners are excellent examples of why the Home Builders Care program succeeds in enhancing the lives of the poor and homeless in our communities. Their direct contributions and efforts on behalf of our Foundation have helped our partnering care providers to preserve their valuable resources for their ongoing social programs by saving them thousands of dollars in construction-related costs.

The mission of Home Builders Care Foundation, the principal community outreach organization of MNCBIA, is to complete construction projects, with particular focus on shelter-related projects, by utilizing the industry’s specialized building construction skills and by seeking to work collaboratively with existing community service providers, such as other non-profit agencies and governmental agencies serving the homeless and other at-risk populations.

To learn more about getting involved with Home Builders Care, please contact Patti Kane, HBCF Director at 301-776-6212.

2007 Community Service Award Winners -

K Bank

Mr. Kem Snow